Francesca is my favorite! I come to her class every saturday morning at 9:30am to start off my weekend right. She has high energy and make you work hard. She is extremely passionate and gets into the class with you. There is never a dull, slow point with her..get ready to sweat! Saturday mornings book up quick because she is that good. Her class is always different and is always a challenge. She'll tell you if her hair is curly- your'e in for a crazy class! Truth is, you're always in for a crazy class!

- Rate Your Burn  |  Student


I originally met Francesca, as she taught my husband and I yoga privately. My husband was completely new to yoga and I had a somewhat limited yoga experience. She was very patient and worked with both of our injuries.  After 10 weeks, I felt like Francesca transformed my body. I felt longer, leaner and my previously weak wrist and shoulder were stronger.  At this point, I felt confident enough to attend classes on my own, however because my husband has severe back problems, he continued to practice yoga with her privately. After my time working with Francesca, I was confident that my alignment was correct and my practice progressed rapidly. I still take privates with Francesca on occasion in order to work on the more difficult poses. I found taking privates with Francesca very helpful, as most yoga instructors aren't able to correct your alignment in classes with twenty-some students.  Moreover, if you have significant injuries, such as myself, it's important to have proper alignment in order to prevent new injuries
or exaserbate old ones.

In addition to yoga, Francesca is an instructor at SLT. I come from a competitive swimming background and I love a tough workout.  SLT fits the bill completely!  I have tried every fitness class in NYC, and nothing compares to the burn and results of SLT. Francesca is one of the best instructors. She has great energy and she really cares that her students are doing the moves correctly. There are some instructors at SLT who seem a little burned out with teaching and just go through the motions. This is not the case with Francesca. She keeps the energy and burn going. If you want a really intense workout, try Francesca's class at SLT, as you won't be disappointed.

- Lisa Stump  |  Private Client

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